Energy Intelligence TOP 100

Global NOC & IOC Rankings

The Energy Intelligence Top 100: Global NOC & IOC Rankings is the leading global survey of national, international and independent oil companies. Recognized and trusted throughout the industry as the top source of comparative performance assessments of the world’s leading energy companies, the Top 100 data analytics tool allows clients to analyze, compare and manipulate operational and financial data on the universe of Energy Intelligence Top 100 companies. 

Updated on an annual basis, the interactive tool has been created to service analysts and executives in companies of all sizes, from the supermajors to the independent producers and refiners, with broad applications for comparative performance assessment needs across peer groups, geographies and segments.  

Key Features

  • Time-series comparison of financial, upstream and downstream metrics and indicators, including key financial ratios for listed and non-listed companies
  • Comparison by peer groups:
    • Downstream Focused Player
    • Gas Focused Player
    • Independent E&P
    • NOC Resource Holder
    • NOC Resource Seeker
    • Regional Integrated
    • Sovereign Wealth Fund
    • Supermajor 
  • Exclusive and hard-to-find data including data time-series to understand a company’s evolution over time — in a truly interactive format
  • Interactive and customizable chart and report creation for quick visual analysis


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