Launching World Energy Opinion
The new service that brings you wide ranging compelling views, opinions and insights 

Energy Intelligence is building on its reputation and success as a leading provider of independent global energy, news, insights and analysis to bring you a new service called World Energy Opinion. This new, much sought after service will challenge the conventional thinking on issues in the energy sector. As a valued subscriber to Energy Intelligence, this new service will be a free addition to your existing products and services.

World Energy Opinion brings together a unique combination of wide ranging, compelling views, opinions and insights from award winning journalists, industry experts and thought leaders. The articles will tackle the issues that keep energy leaders awake at night, to deliver informed and balanced views on the critical issues affecting the global energy sector.  

Our goal is to provide you with well argued, compelling and insightful commentary. The articles will contain thought-provoking debate about the critical developments facing oil and gas and the wider energy world. World Energy Opinion will be the forum for challenging thinking on global energy. Our aim is to add value to our readers, who are seeking a more informed, intelligent debate in a fast-paced industry that is facing a wide range of critical challenges. The forum provided by World Energy Opinion aims to fill that need. 

In addition, we are expanding the scope for commentary by publishing more pieces from external authors to deliver a truly worldwide range of views. We are pleased to be featuring key thought leaders as well as perspectives from our own very experienced staff of energy journalists and research analysts. We will also be providing access to key interviews with key energy executives and government ministers as part of this mix.

We hope that our opinion keeps you informed.

We look forward to your reactions to this new service on our website and appreciate any feedback you have in order to continue to improve our service to you.  Please let us have your views and opinions – email us at

Please feel free to contact Tom Wallin, Editor-in-Chief at Energy Intelligence directly with any reactions or views. Also, please contact Tom if you would like to contribute as an external author of an opinion piece. We are eager to consider any contributions.

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